Keep it in the bedroom…

On Saturday night I was performing at the Garter Lounge in Coalville, Leicester. It was a good show, talented girls from all sides of life. I performed The Scarlet Woman and Everything’s Comin’ Up Roses. Both routines I’ve very proud of and enjoy doing.

After the show a group of 4 young ‘ jack-the-lads’, who’d been sitting near the front of the stage saw me at the bar. They bought me a drink (strictly coca cola – I was driving!).

They went on to tell me this was the first burlesque show they’d been too, and how they’d really enjoyed it.

Three of them went off in search of more druken company, and I was left making ‘polite conversation’ with the 4th.

So, I said, will you be back at the next burlesque night?

No, he said quite firmly.

Oh that’s a shame, say I, why not?

Well, how do I put it, he said. I think it should be kept in the bedroom.

I am speechless.

So there you have it pop pickers.  Burlesque.  Keep it in the bedroom.





not the bedroom

not the bedroom


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