Nearly 3 years ago my sister tells us she is having a baby.   But my mum can’t knit anymore because of her strokes and I hadn’t knitted since I was about 10!!  But I though I’d give it a go!!

I made mittens, lots of mittens….I knitted a football outfit in my dad’s local football team colours, and I knitted more mittens.  I tried to knit a cardigan but I got really bored.  I enjoyed the knitting thing, I found it escapism from the day job, the boring Sunday afternoons watching Mason do his homework; I found it quite satisfying.

But bored of baby clothes, I went looking for something a little more, dare I say it, exciting?

I found a world of knitted children’s toys!  I knitted a giant clown with a toothbrush and toothpaste (we call him Pogo); an old fashioned gollly doll; a little santa complete with sack of toys; a little boy in a kilt (I’m Scottish you see…); and most recently for my niece a rag doll…

I’ve moved on now to knitting Ugs; I also bought on ebay some vintage Sindy Doll knitting patterns and about to embark on a journey to knit a Wonder Woman outfit for Sindy.

I ask you, is there a better way to spend a weekend???

Miss Ragity Rose in her pj’s



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