Ahem, oops

I never thought I was one of those girls with lots of  shoes.  I expect this was a little bit of denial on my part. 

About a month ago I bought some of those see through plastic shoes boxes, and I was getting fed up having to pull out 4 or more boxes to find the ones I was after.  So while transferring shoes from cardboard boxes to see though plastic boxes, I found myself saying, “oh, I forgot about these!”, and “when did I buy these?”  Oops.

It’s true that if I find a shoe I like I buy it in both colours.  By both, I mean red and black, ahem.

There are the shoes which came in individual cotton bags, for their own protection; the collection of zebra print shoes with 3 different heel heights; the 4 pairs of almost identical black lace-up high heels; there are the red suede shoes from Harrods I won’t wear out in case anyone spills drink on them; the red patent shoes from New York which made my in-laws gasp at the price; and the shoes from New Look which I can’t walk in, but look great in photo’s.  Oops.

Oh, and then there’s the 6 pairs of converse hi-tops; the birkenstocks for summer; the shoes I wear for my routines, yup that adds another 6 pairs, the 2 pairs of wellingtons boots (knee high red ones and ankle high black ones with tigers on them, the shoes I keep at work for days when I turn up in my boots, and finally 3 pairs of slippers.

I have an admission to make.  I love shoes! legblur


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