Snow way to run a town….

So the snow came, pretty much to the schedule the weather forecast suggest last week.  It’s very pretty, the cat had fun trying to catch the snow flakes and it wasn’t too cold.  However. Transport for London were unable to run a decent service.  At 9am this morning there we NO buses running on the network at all; most of the underground and overground lines were suspended.  The docklands light railway was running fine.  I go to work relatively painfree.  About 30 out of 100 staff arrived to work, some having taken over 3 hours to get in using public transport! 

The snow continued to fall, getting heavier.

Boris Johnston said ‘it’s the right kind of snow, just too much’.  He went on to say as a gesture of goodwill the congestion charge will be waived today.  Well thanks for that Boris.  

1 o’clock and we were all told to go home.  I left the office about 1.45, walked without incident to Bank station.  There was a big sign saying The DLR is running!  I may have a pain free journey home after all.  Oh, how wrong I was.  The DLR decided at 2pm to shut the stations, due to adverse weather conditions. 


I walked from Poplar, wandered through the little park; avoided the numerous snowball fights by local youths and arrived home having not fallen over!  Hoorah for wellington boots, or perhaps the advice given by the Boston Globe.

The snow is still falling, so who knows what the London transport service will have to offer us on Tuesday.



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